Should Remodel or Move- The Ultimate Checklist

Should Remodel or Move- The Ultimate Checklist

Many people agree that moving is a very stressful life event but living on a construction site is also stressful. Jill Goulet, one of the locally known plumbers in Boerne, Texas shares that as a homeowner, you are antsy about your living situation; you have two options: to renovate or move. Before deciding whether to move or remodel, you should evaluate both options against your choices. We have a compiled checklist of the things that guide you through remodeling or moving.

Do You Need A New Location, Or Are You Attached To Your Current One?

The first thing you should consider is your location, whether you have a reason to move and whether it is going to be a beneficial move. For instance, a new and better school would push you to a new neighborhood or how it would improve your livelihood. If you’ve grown attached to the house and community would give you a reason to stay.

How Patient Are You With A Remodel?

Remodels have a reputation for exceeding time and budget, sometimes significantly. The best thing to do is to prepare to be patient and to have a plan in place before you begin.

A remodel’s budget is also an issue. Identifying rough costs for what you want to do provides a clearer picture of the financial obligations of renovating a home.

Remember that you and your family must prepare to live through a renovation unless you intend to relocate temporarily.

What Value Will Renovation Add To Your Home?

It’s critical to understand the limits of your home’s value. If you already live in the most expensive home in your neighborhood, a costly remodel may raise the value of your home well above what anyone would be willing to pay for the area. You can have a realtor assess the value of your home after a remodel and walk you through these potential concerns.

Can You Get What You Want If You Move?

The housing market can be very competitive, and there may not be as many options as you would like. You’re probably already looking through listings in your desired neighborhood. Track the homes that fit your criteria and see how quickly and for what price they sell. …